Patient Survey Report


Thank-you to all of our patients who completed our detailed survey report. The survey was conducted across a relatively even cross-section of our patients with reference to age and gender. The report gives us a good indication of the things we are doing well and the things we can improve upon, according to our patients, so is extremely important feedback. The report is prepared by an independent professional body who also prepare the same reports for other Australian accredited general practices, allowing us to receive benchmarking against other practices.

The survey reports were separated between Murray Street and Health on Washington, but both reports were very similar. A summary of one of the reports is detailed below. What we can take out of the survey report is that overall patients think that we are warm and friendly, respectful of patients, provide good advice and reassurance and generally have confidence in the ability of our doctors and staff.

The questions that scored the lowest were –

2) Telephone access to a Clinician

3) Obtaining a Home or Other visit

5) Seeing the Clinician of your choice

8) Waiting time in the Surgery

This gives us some areas that we need to improve upon and we will work on doing that

In terms of benchmarking against other Australian practices of similar size to AMC, all 27 questions for AMC were rated in the top 25% across Australia, which is very pleasing.

Thank-you once again for your feedback and your support.

Practice Survey Results