GP Pharmacist

We have a GP Pharmacist starting with us once a week starting Friday 24th January

A general practice pharmacist is a pharmacist who works collaboratively in the general practice as part of the practice team. They support the quality use of medicines through participating in education and training, clinical governance and patient-level activities. General practice pharmacists do not dispense medicines and do not replace the role of pharmacists working in other settings (e.g. community pharmacies or hospitals).

What does a GP Pharmacist do?

A general practice pharmacist can work with GP’s in ways such as:

  • offering advise and answering medicine-related queries
  • patient education including asthma and diabetes education
  • medication review and reconciliation
  • GP Education including updates on new medicines
  • liaising with hospitals, nursing homes and community pharmacies
  • Clinical audits

Swift Clinic

Receive your simple health care needs, efficiently.

The Angaston Medical Centre is pleased to offer a new trial service – Swift Clinics!

These are short appointments and are not for complex matters.

          • Removal of sutures (walk through with nurses)
          • Wound reviews
          • Repeat prescriptions
          • Non-childhood immunisations (except for second Flu)
          • Repeat Referrals only
          • Travel letters (in the absence of Catherine Keil)
          • Medication lists for surgery
          • INR’s
          • Simple Forms
          • Medical certificates
          • Request forms for repeat tests – repeat/expired bloods and radiology

*These appointments are available only to existing patients of our practice, as new patients require a longer appointment.*

Medical Students

We would like to welcome our 3 new medical students for 2020. We are looking forward to having them as part of our team and showing them how a medical practice works. You may see them from time to time during your visits to AMC and we encourage our patients to allow medical students to attend some consultations. If you do not want a medical student present during your consultation please let reception or your GP know.


Sam is a 3rd year post graduate Flinders medical student. Before switching to medicine he was a hardware engineer working all over Australia and at times overseas. Sam grew up in the Adelaide Hills but has often considered the Barossa his second home.

“I am excited to be spending the year in Angaston and looking forward to getting involved with the local community

as well as getting to experience the wide variety and challenges of rural medicine.”


Tammy is a 5th year Adelaide University Student. Outside of university, she enjoys spending time with her family, visiting the local market and has developed an interest in travelling.

“Over the course of this year, I hope to not only be involved in the community by participating in activities such as community netball but to also expand my medical knowledge and practical skills through hands-on learning experiences and working alongside experienced clinicians”.


Lauren is a 5th year Adelaide University student. She is a passionate AFL supporter, enjoys playing board games and solving puzzles.

“I hope that being a part of the medical practice will further encourage my love for learning and inspire me to be the best future doctor that I can be. I hope that I can improve my clinical skills, problem solving and communication skills and that I will be more confident in my abilities”.